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Payment Methods
Credit Card
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Call our Consumer Service Hotline 1000 for Autopay Authorization Form.

1 PPS by phone : 18031
2 PPS by Internet : www.ppshk.com
3 Merchant code : 74

PPS Hotline

: 900 00 222 329

Automated Teller Machine
Use your ATM card to settle your bill at any ATM labeled "Bill Payment Service" by selecting merchant "PCCW".

By Mail
1 Mail a crossed check payable to "PCCW" with the payment stub to GPO Box 11253, Hong Kong.
2 Write your Receipt A/C No. on the back of the check and send it
3 working days before the payment due date. The Receipt A/C No. is shown on the payment stub.
3 Post-dated check will not be accepted.
4 No receipt will be issued.

In Person
Please bring along the bill to below payment locations:
1 Post Offices for cash or check payment (except mobile post offices) - only applicable to HKT bill with bar code.
2 7-Eleven for cash payment - applicable to HKT bill and Web bill with bar code.


This bill is in respect of fees for services provided by PCCW Limited and/or one or more of its subsidiaries (including companies within the HKT Group), including but not limited to Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited, PCCW Global Limited, CSL Mobile Limited, PCCW Media Limited, HKT Services Limited and Netcare Limited.

All inquiries or disputes concerning any bill must be made to the relevant service provider within one month of the relevant bill issue date. Otherwise, the bill will be deemed to be in order and accepted by the customer.

Any tariff variation that comes into effect during this invoice period will be reflected in the next bill.

To avoid service suspension or termination and the service reconnection fee of HK$200 for NETVIGATOR BROADBAND and HK$100 for NETVIGATOR 56K Dial-up, please pay before the payment due date.

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