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To access your emails via Personal Information Management (PIM) software e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora,...., you need
to configure either POP3 or IMAP mail server. (See difference between POP3 and IMAP) and authenticated SMTP server.
Configuration Guide  
Please select incoming mail server and PIM
iPhone/iPad Netvigator Mail Setting
Note: Please ensure mobile data setup is activated. Click here to check the setup (PCCW Mobile users applicable).

POP account for NETMail Plus
1. Select [Settings] 2. Select¡§Mail, Contacts, Calendars¡¨
3. Select¡§Add Account¡K¡¨ 4. Select ¡§Other¡¨
5. Enter your name, address, NETVIGATOR domain and password. Then click ¡§Save¡¨ 6. Select ¡§POP¡¨
7. Enter ndpop.netvigator.com as host name in Incoming Mail Server field and enter ndsmtp.netvigator.com as host name in Outgoing Mail Server field. Then click ¡§Save¡¨ 8. Select ¡§Yes¡¨
It may take a few minutes to complete set up. Please wait...
9. NETMail Plus POP account has been created 10. Select ¡§Accounts¡¨ -> ¡§Advanced¡¨ -> Use SSL turn "OFF"
Note: 1) The set-up steps above may vary with different versions of firmware. For more details, please contact your handset manufacturer.
  2) NETVIGATOR Mail POP3 and SMTP servers may not be compatible with the limitations of some mobile networks. For more details, please contact your mobile network operator.