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To manage your mailbox via email clients like Outlook or mobile gadgets like iPhone and Android, you need to configure the settings for POP / IMAP mail server (see difference between POP and IMAP) and authenticated SMTP server.
Configuration Guide  
Please select your incoming mail server and email client:

Outlook 2010 ˇV POP3 account for NETVIGATOR Email
1. Click on [Files] and select [Accounts Settings].
2. In the tab [E-mail] select [New].
3. Select [Manually configure server settings or additional server types].
4. Select [Internet E-mail].
5. UEnter your name and your E-mail address in User Information
Select [POP3] for Account Type
Enter pop.netvigator.com as Incoming mail (POP) server.
Enter smtp.netvigator.com as Outgoing mail (SMTP) server.
Enter your username (username@netvigator.com or username@hkstar.com) and password in the fields [Account name] and [Password].
Make sure the option for Secure Password Authentication (SPA) is disabled
Click [More SettingsˇK] to continue.
6. Check the box [My server requires authentication] under Outgoing Mail Server.
7. Select the tab [Advanced], and check the boxes [This server requires a secure connection (SSL)] under Server Port Numbers.
Enter port number [995] for Incoming mail (POP3).
Enter port number [465] for Outgoing mail (SMTP).
Click [OK] to save the settings and click [Next] to finish.
8. Setup in now completed
9. You will see the account being setup in the [Account Settings].