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What's New
NETVIGATOR One - Termination of service(15/10/2012)
HKT: Service Notice íV Charges which are applicable on Moving for Consumer Customers (25/09/2012)
Pricing Policy - Installation / Activation Service Fee (24/09/2012)
NETVIGATOR One Service Update (15/03/2012)
MEDIA.now.com.hk Monthly Subscription Adjustment Notice (08/03/2012)
NETMail / NETMail Plus - Email Setting Adjustment(04/01/2011)
Phishing Website (04/10/2010)
MEDIA.now.com.hk Monthly Subscription Adjustment Notice(01/03/2010)
MailGuard Plus upgrade(27/01/2010)
OS Upgrade from HKIX (16/12/2009)
NETCash Rewards - Service Termination (01/12/2009)
MOOV.hk Monthly Subscription Adjustment Notice(12/10/2009)
Netteen service exit notice (24/09/2009)
Special Notices (21/08/2009)
Special Notice (19/08/2009)
Important Notice (17/08/2009)
Important Notice (12/08/2009)
NEVER disclose your personal information (30/04/2009)
Conficker.C worm(02/04/2009)
Usernet newsgroup service termination (19/01/2009)
Do not disclose your personal information to anyone easily(05/05/2008)
MEDIA.now.com.hk Monthly Subscription Adjustment Notice(28/03/2008)
NETVIGATOR BROADBAND service system upgrade(04/01/2008)
New security process for resetting Netvigator password(24/10/2007)
Resetting your NETVIGATOR password(26/07/2007)
Regular System Health Check(02/05/2007)
End of support for Win98/98SE/Me/XP SP1/Mac OS 9(04/04/2007)
Customer Information Update(04/04/2007)
MEDIA.now.com.hk Monthly Subscription Adjustment Notice(02/04/2007)
System upgrade for broadband customers (16/03/2007)
Important Notice (02/01/2007)
Security Tips for Emails (15/08/06)
Multiple Broadband Connections(07/06/2006)
GoRemote Dialer Merge with iPass Dialer Notice (30/05/06)
Termination of Netvigator Inflight service notice(19/05/2006)
Termination of Web Gear and All-in-One Communication service in NETMail(21/04/06)
MEDIA.now.com.hk Monthly Subscription Adjustment Notice(31/03/06)
System upgrade for broadband customers(31/10/05)
Counterfeit NETVIGATOR Email Sender Address(27/10/05)
Counterfeit NETVIGATOR Email Sender Address(27/10/05)
NETPass is having a makeover(20/10/05)
Replacement of slimline PlayStation (PS2) AC adaptor(20/09/05)
Service Terms and Conditions Revision(16/08/05)
Regular System Check(30/06/05)
Counterfeit NETVIGATOR Email Sender Address(02/06/05)
Service Terms and Conditions Revision(13/05/05)
Anti-spam Measure - Newsgroups(10/05/05)
Anti-spam Measure(30/03/05)
Earn Triple NETCash from Spending on now Broadband TV & Value-added Services!(10/03/05)
Service Terms and Conditions Update(17/02/05)
Regular System Check(07/01/2005)
Change Login Password(01/01/2005)
New face of NETVIGATER Customer Service Website - Improving your online experience! (30/12/2004)
Smart Tips -- Preventive Measures to fall in trap of invalid IDD charges (19/11/04)
Internet Service Resumption (08/11/04)
Regular System Check (13/09/04)
Internet Service Resumption (03/09/04)
Internet Service Resumption (25/08/04)
Spoof Websites and Email Security Alerts (13/08/04)
Counterfeit NETVIGATOR Email Sender Address (27/07/04)
SPAM Email Disturbance (21/07/04)
Notice of International Bandwidth Maintenance (19/07/04)
One Login (03/06/04)
Change Reset and Default Login Password (31/05/04)
Virus Information (1/5/2004)
Email Remover Service (22/03/04)
Internet Service Resumption (15/03/04)
Counterfeit NETVIGATOR Email Sender Address (04/03/04)
Account Profile Management' features & Parental Control setting - Service Suspension (13/02/04)
The worm W32.Mydoom@mm (27/01/04)
Counterfeit NETVIGATOR Billing Notice Email (21/01/04)
HKIX Urgent Maintenance (13/01/04)
NETVIGATOR Broadband Service System Upgrade (29/12/03)
NETVIGATOR Broadband Service System Upgrade (21/11/03)
W32.Mimail.C@mm virus (03/11/03)
W32.Sober.A@mm virus (30/10/03)
Internet Service Resume (13/10/03)
NEW look of netvigator.com (24/09/03)
Account Profile Management' features & Parental Control setting - Service Suspension (29/08/03)
Change Password & Parental Control setting - Service Suspension (28/08/03)
W32.Welchia Worm (20/08/03)
W32.Blaster.Worm (12/08/03)
Smart Tips - Anti-spam strategies (11/08/03)
W32.Mimail.A@mm virus (04/08/03)
Smart Tips - Storage Quota Setting (30/07/03)
Email System Maintenance(18/07/03)
Computer Virus Declaration (17/07/03)
NETCash Rewards - With a New Look and Bring You More Gifts and Privileges! (26/06/03)
Smart Tips - Change Your Password Periodically (25/06/03)
Servers Regular Check Up - Service Suspension (13/06/03)
Computer Virus W32/Fizzer-A (13/05/03)
HKIX Urgent Maintenance (28/03/03)
NETVIGATOR Inflight email service now on-board - free until June 2003 (18/03/03)
Email System Maintenance (22/02/03)